About Us: History

Beta Pharma, Inc. is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative late stage therapies targeting oncology.

Beta Pharma, Inc., originally named Beta Chemicals, Inc., was founded at the Science Park Campus of Yale in 1996 as a contract research organization providing custom synthesis services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Using profits from the CRO business, Beta Chemicals, Inc. evolved into Beta Pharma, Inc. and in 1998 initiated its first drug discovery project. The first major breakthrough came in 2002 with the synthesis of a novel EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor (“TKI”), icotinib. Icotinib is a 1st generation EGFR TKI for the treatment of EGFR-mutation positive advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (“NSCLC”).
Taking an innovative approach to drug development, Beta Pharma, Inc. partnered with investors to pursue development of icotinib in China. In 2011, the CFDA granted icotinib HCl marketing approval under the brand name Conmana®. Since its commercial approval, icotinib has gained over a third of the market share in lung cancer therapies, with over 40,000 patients treated. By the success of launching iconitib, Beta Pharma started R&D of pipelines BPI-7711 and BPI-1178 from 2015. The pipeline BPI-7711 ( third generation EGFR TKI for the treatment of advanced NSCLC harboring common EGFR mutation and the EGFR gatekeeper mutation (T790M)) IND was approved by CFDA in 2017 and Phase I clinical trial started in 2018. In 2019, pipeline BPI-7711 Phase II and Phase III pivotal trials started. At the same year, Beta’s another pipeline, BPI-1178 (CDK4/6 inhibitor) IND has been approved by CFDA and clinical trials are expected to start in Q1 2020.

Since the success of icotinib, Beta Pharma’s Research and Development Team continues to develop a fully integrated drug discovery platform with a robust pipeline of oncology research projects.



Beta Chemicals, Inc. Founded
Science Park, Campus of Yale


Beta Pharma, Inc. Founded

New drug discovery projects launched



BPI-2009H Invented

Beta Pharma Shanghai (倍而达药业上海) Founded 


Beta Pharma, Inc. Partners with Investors in China to Develop Icotinib


BPI-2009H (Icotinib, 埃克替尼) IND approved by CFDA 


CFDA Grants Icotinib Marketing Approval (Brand Name Commana®)


BPI-2009H (Icotinib) IND approved by US FDA 


贝达药业 IPO Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZ 300558) 


BPI-7711 IND approved by CFDA

Beta Pharma Suzhou 倍而达药业(苏州)founded 



BPI-7711 Phase I Clinical trial started 


BPI-7711 Phase II, Phase III Pivotal trials started.

BPI-1178 IND approved by CFDA.