Pipeline: BPI-2361
Mechanism of Action/ Therapeutic Areas :

BPI-2361 is high effective self-developed KRAS inhibitor. KRAS gene is the most frequently mutated oncogene in human cancers, which is about 20-30% of human cancers. Based on its wide patient distribution, the potential market for KRAS is comparable to PD-1. The incidence of KRASG12C in non-small cell lung cancer is about 13.8% (secondly only to EGFR). As the incidence of colorectal cancer is about 3.2% and the incidence of appendix cancer is about 3.3%, it still has huge market potential. In the KRAS signaling pathway, there are also targets such as SHP2, PI3Kα, MEK, ERK, RAF, etc., and there is the possibility of combination medication and overcoming resistance, and the market space is expected to further expand.

The current leading compound, BPI-2361, demonstrated potent inhibition activities against KRASG12C, comparable to that of Amgen’s leading compound AMG-510. Further animal model evaluations of BPI-2361 series are in progress.

Study Phase:
  • Pre-clinical Development.