Pipeline:  BPI-2241
Mechanism of Action/ Therapeutic Areas :

BPI-2241 is high effective self-developed FGFR inhibitor. FGFR gene abnormalities have become one of the pathogenic factors of many tumors and cancers. Common FGFR pathway abnormalities include amplification, mutation and rearrangement, of which amplification accounts for about 65% and gene mutations account for 25%. In the current solid tumors, FGFR gene abnormality as the main pathogenic factor accounts for about 10%. FGFR inhibitors have a wide range of indications, but currently there are only two drugs to market in the world, respectively targeting bladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma. There are no FGFR inhibitors to market in China. Therefore, FGFR inhibitors have high value in research and development and future commercialization. At present, the FGFR inhibitors of various companies for lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and other diseases are still in the clinical stage.

Study Phase:
  • under Pre-clinical Development